15 Signs You're Mentally Strong...

1. You are aware that nobody owes you anything. You fight for yourself and win.

2. Nothing is taken personally. You are aware that your mental well-being is significantly more significant than their opinion.

3. You've established boundaries with others. You already knxow that being too nice will be used against you.

4. You don't let pain break you. Instead, you strengthen yourself through pain.

5. You take full responsibility of your life and never complain or apologize to anyone or anything.

6. You never react negatively to criticism. Therefore, you are difficult to control.

7. You never make someone choose you. Instead, you allow people to do whatever pleases them.

8. You never listen to advice from people whose goals are different from your own.

9. When no one knows anything about you, not even close family members, you realize that life is great.

10. You never "escape" the life you already lead on the weekend. Instead, you use it to create the life you want for yourself.

11. You've forgiven your parents the day you realized they had messed up childhood as well.

12. You now know that your mental well-being is more important than your job.

13. You've embraced consistency and discipline over motivation and self-help books.

14. You now know that other than yourself, no one else is happier than you are.

15. You don't make people believe what you say. You are aware that not everyone requires your level of thought.