20 Life Lessons From An 90 Years Old Man:

1. Break out the fancy china and enjoy a glass of good wine whenever you want. 2. At weddings, dance until your feet hurt.

3. Every night before you go to bed, tell your partner how much you love them. You'll one day wish you could fill the empty side of the bed. 4. Sadness tends to be right next to love, so don't be afraid of it.

5. Think of your body as a house that you will need to live in for the next 70 years. 6. Except during a baseball game, you should never speak up.

7. Every day, do one good deed, but never tell anyone about it. 8. When it comes to relationships, time does not heal anything. Avoid putting off difficult conversations.

9. Look for the things that make your eyes sparkle. Continue doing those. 10. Always keep in mind that you have a perfect track record of getting through bad days.

11. Repair anything that has a minor problem. Over time, minor issues develop into major issues. applies equally to family, health, love, and home.

12. The lie you tell yourself is the most damning lie you can tell. 13. There has never been a happy argument.

14. Make sure the other person thinks twice before fighting you again if you lose a fight. 15. Although getting older isn't easy, it's much better than nothing.

16. While others may occasionally be disappointed, you should never be disappointed by yourself. 17. Never allow a friendship to deteriorate. Make the phone call, send the text, and plan the trip. Friendships are something to be cherished.

18. Give them a firm handshake, look them in the eye, and call them by their name when you meet them. 19. Give every person another shot, but never a third.

20. The "good old days" are constantly taking place right now.