1) Wake up and go outside at the same time every day The first 30 minutes after waking sets the tone of your day.  Go for a short walk. Walking triggers the release of endorphins which make you feel good.  I suggest doing this without your phone so you have space to think.

During your walk, you can  • Think of 3 things you are grateful for  • Think of 3 goals you will achieve today  •Strategize about getting closer to who you want to be  Morning sunlight also increases energy and reduces insomnia.

2) Do new things to elevate your mood Many of us do the same old things every day.  Go to work, come home, use the computer, watch TV, go to bed.  We keep doing the things we've always done. This makes life feel boring, bleak, and pointless.

How do you spice life up? By making time to do something new.  Take a walk, hike, or run someplace new  • Try a new bar, coffee shop, or restaurant  • Go to a place in your city you've never been to and journal in it  • Meet at least 1 new person each month (or week) This breaks up the routine of life and makes you excited to be alive again.

3) Put more effort into your looks You feel good when you look good. Quality self-care is relatively inexpensive. Google "The Ordinary Skin Care" for example.  But when you aren't  • Showering  • Cutting your nails  • Trimming your beard  • Keeping up with your hair  • Wearing well-fitting clothes  You're telling your brain you don't care about yourself.

4) Keep a list of your priority areas Write down the areas of your life you need to keep in order, such as:  • Finances  •Relationships  • Mental health  • Physical health  • Business (or career)  This will make it easier to work on them. You'll feel more fulfilled and in control.

5) Prioritize your health To have more energy:   Improve your sleep by not looking at blue light 1 hour before bed.  Read instead.  To have more stamina:  Improve your  b by doing a little more each time and tracking it with a notepad.  To have more mental clarity:  Drink more water by setting 10 daily alarms to remind you and create the habit.

As your health improves, your entire life will improve.  You'll be happier.  You'll feel more fulfilled. You'll make more money. You'll get work done faster.  You'll have better relationships with everyone.