7 Psychology Tricks That Will  Blow Your Mind

Be liked and avoid workplace drama by complimenting people behind their backs.

saying, "You are correct!" instead of "I know," which doesn't diminish something that someone else may have just discovered, "I know" makes you appear less like a liar.

Do you have any questions?' is a better question to ask. inquire, "What inquiries do you have?"

The first almost always leads to silence, whereas the second makes it easier for people to feel comfortable asking questions.

When you want to convey something significant to your children, do so in a low voice so that they can hear you.

They don't respond to your yelling, but whispering does.

Ask them questions about numbers or personal information if you need to calm someone down and get them to talk.

If you look at someone who is shy and nod your head, it encourages them to continue speaking.

Smile and say "hello" to everyone you know.

Just picture it: They will view you as a nice person if you greet people enthusiastically and smile when they come into your home twice a year.

It takes so little for someone to find you friendly!