Demonstrating How The Same Outfit Looks On Two Different Body Type

Fill in some With 1.4 million followers, Denise Mercedes has become a style influencer and model

Counting on Instagram after the hugely popular "Style Not Size" challenge.

The story began when Denise and her friend Maria Castellanos,

To demonstrate how they look on different body types, two women wearing different clothing sizes dressed in identical outfits

They literally took over the internet!

The power couple is back with some new style-savvy looks modeled side by side.

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In their brilliant "Style Not Size" challenge, the two friends have been redefining what society considers "beautiful" and "chic."

According to Denise, "Style Not Size" first gained popularity as a transitional video on TikTok and subsequently as a snapshot.

Two huge collaborations with two large brands are currently in the works for "Style Not Size," and we could not be more thrilled and appreciative of this.

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