Another #MassShooting occurred earlier today near #halfmoonbay, leaving at least 7 people dead and another person hurt.

The suspect is in custody

BREAKING:  Multiple individuals were shot at a petrol station in Oakland, California, making it the third mass shooting to occur in the state in the previous three days.

At least 7 people were killed in the Half Moon Bay mass shootings.

About two hours after the gunshots, the alleged gunman, a 67-year-old local, was detained while waiting in a parked car at a sheriff's substation.

Following shootings at two sites in Half Moon Bay this afternoon, four people are dead and three are gravely injured.

Another day of trauma has occurred in America today. Gun violence is hurting people physically and mentally. You are not by yourself. Your feelings are legitimate.

BREAKING: According to authorities, a shooting at a charter school in Des Moines left two pupils dead and a teacher injured.

Officers stopped a car two miles distant approximately 20 minutes after the shooting and detained "several suspects" inside.


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For Monterey. For Half Moon Bay. We name and acknowledge you.

No longer knowing what to say. In less than twenty hours, the AAPl community has already been exposed to the news of two mass casualty occurrences. People have only started to mourn, and already the grief is compounding.

Regardless of the assailants', ethnicity, circumstances or details: Hate is still real. Pain is still real. The loss of innocent lives is real. And the fact that guns continue to be a Common denominator is still very real.

For those who want to qualify our collective grief with "but. or "it's not this because of that," Turge you to put down your blas and pick up empathy. Families lost loved ones. There is no space to qualify the Conditiorns under which this kind of grief is "acceptable" to those who are not grieving. Grief is grief is grief.

There is space for listening. There is space for checking in. Ihere is space for gentleness. Ihere is Space for support. There is space for griet. There is space for mouning. Ihere is space for honoring VIctims There is just space. Creating space. To those who can't string words together, or have too many to say, ..see you. We see each other.