7 Morning Habits That'll Transform Your Life In 50 days:

1. Plan The Night Before Just getting up with no plan is asking for failure. Instead, start the evening before:

• Go to bed on time • Lay out your clothe • Schedule your workout • Know what the plan for the day  Then all you need to do is show up & execute.

2. Avoid Checking Your Phone Everyone grabs their phone when they wake up. But now the apps on your phone determine how you spend your morning. You owe it to yourself, put the phone away.

Within the first hour of awakening, go for a walk. It will set the tone for the rest of the day, give your brain oxygen, and establish your circadian rhythm.

​​3. Start With a Glass of Water • Improves hydration • Flushes toxins out of your body • Helps you wake up and feel refreshed • Reduces cravings for the rest of the day

4. Get Outside Morning sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, which will help you sleep better at night.

But even if it's still dark, go outside and get some fresh air to help you wake up.

5. Journal Daily reflection ensures you are in control of your life. Other benefits include:

• Boosts mood • Reduces Stre • Sharpens memory • Identify negative thought • Increases emotional control

6. Check Your Calendar and To-Do Knowing what your day will look like helps reduce stress. Clarify your to-dos to build a mental picture of your day. This will help you feel in control of your day.

7. Identify Your One Thing You end the day feeling deflated when nothing meaningful was achieved. Fix this by identifying one action (writing a report, playing Lego with your kids, etc.) that'll make today a win.