Rev Up Your Day with These Inspiring Car Quote

“The cars we drive say a lot about us.” ― Alexandra Paul

“I’ve always been into cars. Cars are part of our genetic makeup. It’s unavoidable.” ― Matthew Fox

“There’s three things men always talk about – women, sports, and cars.” ~ Mario Lopez

“The way I drive, the way I handle a car, is an expression of my inner feelings.” ~ Lewis Hamilton

Do hard work in silence and let your new car make some noise.

A Car is not going to change your life, but it will definitely change your attitude

“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.” ― Prince Philip

“Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car.” ― Omari Hardwick

“I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite car?’ and I’ve always said ‘The next one.’” ~ Carroll Shelby

“You can know or not know how a car runs and still enjoy riding in a car.” ~ David Byrne